Wyatt Earp Fast Draw Colt 45

Fans of Western movies and of powerful firearms already know that the Colt .45 Peacemaker was one of the most iconic and brilliant guns in Wild West history. Those who aren’t already familiarized with this splendid weapon will soon fall in love with its fierce design and unquestionable effectiveness.

Some of the most popular and daring western icons such as Par Garrett, Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson are remembered as proud companions of the Fast Draw Colt 45. This is also the main reason why this gun is currently one of the most popular western firearms replicas. There are numerous manufacturers on the market that make it just like the authentic one was- with a 4.75” barrel, shell ejector and wood grips. A superior quality imitation of this classic western collectible allows you to ’Cock it and pull it’ just like in the good old days.

There are even some high quality clones that are constructed to fire caps. Denix is one of the manufacturers that make it this way and also offers for sale its own Denix Cap shells. The goal of the company is to offer to its clients one of the most authentic western shoot-out experiences. The best part about this cap-firing Wyatt Earp Fast Draw Colt 45 is that it is incredibly authentic looking; it has the same weight, the original size and functions of the original model. This is definitely not a children’s toy, but a remarkable gun with a large dose of charm.

An exact replica of the Wyatt Earp Fast Draw Colt 45 is made from metal and quality wood, two materials that are known for their ability of enhancing durability and realism for imitation guns. Furthermore, on such a popular firearm the outside craftsmanship is also essential. The finishing and look of the weapon must be perfect up to the smallest detail. No doubt about it, this single action classic Colt is a spectacular collector’s item even if it is just a replica. It also represents a wonderful unique décor piece for enthusiasts.

Even though most collectors are looking to buy merely replicas that are identical to the original Colt 45 carried by Wyat Earp, the fans who also like to play with their firearms will surely prefer the Denix version clone that comes in authentic weight and size of the original gun. This high end quality cap gun is able to fire 6 pull off caps. Naturally, the caps are not included and can be purchased separately from the same company. Judging just by the looks of this fake Fast Draw Colt, it is worthy of any museum reproduction. One important thing you should know about it and any other similar replicas available on the market is that these do not fire real ammunition and cannot be modified to do so.

For those with a great passion for famous and brilliantly constructed Western inspired replica guns, the Wyatt Earp Fast Draw Colt 45 is an excellent choice. This iconic firearm was used by numerous famous lawmen and gun fighters, and it represents a real legend of Wild West history.

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