Pedersoli Wyatt Earp Shotgun

The classic shotgun is one of the most powerful close defense weapons ever made, an effective and easy to use firearm that was once very intensely used in the military and police field. Due to its rugged reputation and fierce look, for numerous decades it was also the preferred choice for countless movie directors who used this firearm in their top-rated Western movies. Wyatt Warp is one of the actors who have carried one of these types of guns in some of its most famous films.

The Pedersoli Wyatt Earp Shotgun was manufactured between 1878 and 1889 in a number of 20,000 units. The weapon came with a British-designed W&C Scott top lever action of 1860 and featured an iron, Damascus twist steel or twist steel barrels. Strips of metal were intricately wrapped around a mandrel to create the tubes. Nevertheless, Damascus was the most elegant version as it offered interesting colorations and patterns.

The 1878 Pedersoli Wyatt Earp Shotgun is a standard sporting firearm cut down to measure 20 1/8”. Initially, this gun was manufactured in a 12 and 10-gauge, and, exclusively, Colt constructed a unique 8-gauge version for US President Grover Cleveland. This famous 1878 shotgun also appeared in the 2008 cowboy film Appaloosa in which Viggo Mortensen’s character used with devastating skills a full-length 8-bore.

At the moment, the only use of the Wyatt Earp shotgun is for private collections or for Cowboy Action Shooting. Usually sub-24” arms are illegal, but this one doesn’t fall under this rule as it is considered a Section 1 firearm that can be used for Western Shooting Society events only.

The gun is manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. It has a walnut grip with checkered pattern and a beaver tail type forend complemented by a color, case hardened action. The weapons’ blue barrels are constructed to fire modern ammunition and feature Cylinder chokings in both tubes, 3”chambers and chromed bores. There is also a simple brass pin that is located on the low rib between the muzzles. It can be opened by using a top lever, behind which there is a modern addition, a sliding safety catch that when it is pushed backwards it is in the “safe” position and when it is forward it is in the “fire” position.

There are twins, external rebound hammers that are placed of the firing pins until the trigger is pressed. Once you fire the shotgun they jump back off them, thus forming a very primitive safety system. The firearm features a twin triggers option that allows you to fire the right tube when in forward position or fire the left tube when in the rear position. Usually double barreled guns have for quick reloads a top lever that when it is pressed the action falls open so you don’t have to struggle with its stiff barrels. Also, the empties need to be shaken free or pulled out by hand as this isn’t your typical ejector.

The Wyatt Earp shotgun is a very easy to use firearm. To load it, you just need to push the top lever to the right and the gun will simply falls open. Next, drop the shells in, shut it closed and thumb the hammers back into position. It is an impressive gun that has a lot of power in it and offers extra versatility and ease of use.

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