Clint Eastwood Colt Replica Review

Clint Eastwood has played in some of the most famous and iconic western movies of all times. Also known as “Blondie”, the actor is remembered by fans also due to the unique and powerful gun he used in the film “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. On the set he carried a Colt 1851 Navy revolver equipped with a loading gate cartridge conversion kit, a model that has created a lot of fuss over the years and that still stirs up the interest of countless enthusiasts.

There have been a lot of discussions around this gun- if it came with a cartridge conversion kit or not. It appears that this information is historically correct as the first conversions were made in 1859 and the 38 Short Cole was constructed when the Civil War started. In the movie, Clint Eastwood carries this revolver proudly, showing off its special design- the beautiful wooden grips inlaid with stunning silver rattlesnakes. Actually, all its revolvers from the Leone trilogy had the silvery rattlesnakes fitted on the wooden grips. Fans surely remember that this same type of grip was used by the actor when we played Rowdy Yates in the very popular TV series “Rawhide”.

In the same movie, we see Tuco( Eli Wallach) carrying around a Colt 1851 Navy cartridge converted which has been fitted with a lanyard loop. His gun instead of having a holster, can be found in his pocket. This is because Eli couldn’t holster a gun without looking at the holster. Furthermore, Angel Eyes(Lee Van Cleef) is another one of the actors who carries a Navy Cartridge around and those who have watched the movie may remember that he uses his to shoot a sick old man through his pillow at the beginning of the film. Even though it uses a Remington 1858 for his own use, when serving in the Union he keeps this Navy revolver. If you watch the movie carefully you notice that in the scenes where there is a cartridge revolver, its owner will surely fire with it, whereas in the other scenes the revolvers are replaced by unloaded percussion models. Well, except for the ones carried by Blondie.

Aldo Uberti Inc of Italy was the company that supplied all the guns featured in “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. These very special arms are still appreciated by fans and replicated by countless companies around the globe. One of the most iconic firms that reproduce famous guns, such as the Colt Navy 1851 is Cimmaron Arms. Its Colt Navy 1851 with loading gate cartridge conversion with silver snake grips is one of the best fake versions ever manufactures.

If you are interested in buying a replica of the Clint Eastwood’s Colt navy 1851 then you should know that there are various quality types and price ranges available on the market. Usually, a decent quality one, suitable for a superior firearms collection costs about $90. Of course, this is a non-firing weapon and usually it will be a limited edition reproduction, identical to the prop used in the film. The distinctive elements of this replica are the flawless with wood handle grip, the silvery rattlesnakes applied detail and the long black barrel. Its charm and craftsmanship are undeniably timeless.

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