Replica Pitfalls

Many of us are quite tempted by the idea of buying a replica watch online. And why shouldn’t we be? It is super easy to order a knockoff over the Internet, we are promised an exact copy of our favorite luxury timepiece and the prices are incredibly low compared to the ones of the authentic products. For all of these aforementioned reasons, we never stop to think twice before we place our purchase. Only when it is too late, we realize that we made a mistake. There are many pitfalls associated with buying a replica watch online and knowing them before going through with our order can spare us from a rather unpleasant shopping experience.

The price

The price of a replica watch is a very deceiving thing. When you see an imitation Rolex, Omega or Breitling priced at $60-$100 you simply can’t resist the impulse of purchasing it on the spot. But any rational buyer should first stop and think how a perfect clone of a very expensive watch manufactured by one of the most important brands on the planet can cost this cheap. Any good quality product implies some considerable manufacturing, quality control and after-sale costs. All these are included by the merchant in the retail price of the replica watch. Hence, no decent quality fake timepiece will ever come this cheap. Usually, watches that function and look like the authentic models cost at least $150 if the automatic mechanism is Japanese made while the Swiss knockoffs are pricier; these cost about $300-$700.

The quality

The problem with buying replicas over the Internet is that you never know what you will get. The quality of the product is a total surprise. Forget about the nice pictures listed on the website, about the rich description that explains the superiority of the Japanese or Swiss automatic movement or the promise of a 12 months warranty. After your order is placed and your money is cashed-in, things can take a turn for the worse. You may be among those less fortunate customers that receive a replica watch that has nothing to do with what was advertised. The product may arrive defective, totally different than the design of the original item or manufactured from inferior materials.

The payment

Indeed, all online stores require upfront payments. You either pay with a credit card directly on the website or you use one of the money transfer options like Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire. The point is that you pay before receiving the product and you have no idea if you are going to get what you were promised. Other risks of ordering replicas online are that you may not get anything or your credit card details may not be secure. This often happens because replica merchants do not secure their website’s payment processing page with the https protocol that protects the card info from third party hijacks.

The services

Usually, fake watches online stores are run by Chinese companies that are unable to provide good quality services. Their customer care implies a rudimentary Contact Form or a Gmail address. Only a few merchants offer a valid phone number and a chat button, and in most occasions their representatives do not speak proper English. The consequence of this fact is that when you need to contact the company to resolve a problem related to the purchased goods you will either be unable to reach them or they won’t understand the issue properly. And lastly, do not rely on their return policy to solve your replicas watch’s quality problem as sending a product back to China implies very high shipping costs which are not refundable.